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PolitiFact - Fact-checking Rep. Miller-Meeks claims that Democratic bill would allow abortion up until birth

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, state and national lawmakers have scrambled to introduce legislation that either restricts or secures access to abortion. Some Iowa Republicans, including U.S. Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks, stand firmly against the procedure.

In a July 17 newsletter that addressed several topics, Miller-Meeks wrote:

Here, we’ll focus instead on whether or not the abortion bill that was passed by the U.S. House — and sent to the Senate, where

ChatGPT’s potential to rewrite the classroom

Since ChatGPT’s public launch on Nov. 30, colleges and universities across the U.S. have reckoned with the widespread use of the chat bot, capable of writing complex texts powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Already, the New York Times has reported that a Northern Michigan University professor caught a student submitting a religious studies essay written by ChatGPT just weeks after the software’s release.

Did Avoiding the “Big Lie” Help the Iowa GOP Win Big?

While Democrats defied expectations of a national “red wave” sweeping the United States in the 2022 midterms, Republicans in Iowa gained a level of control in the state not seen in decades. Iowa’s four US representatives and its two senators are now Republicans. In Iowa’s state legislature, the party holds a supermajority in the state Senate and controls 60 of Iowa’s 100 seats in the state House. The Iowa GOP managed to secure every statewide office but one—state auditor.